About The Manikin


About The Manikin

Manikin is a Luxury brand that marries modern and fantasy fashion together to create cutting edge, bold, and glamourous fashion.

Qaysean Williams  also known as 'The One Hand Sewing Hand Man' and MANIKIN is a celebrated fashion and costume designer born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey with a proven track record in all aspects of fashion design and wardrobe styling. 
Qaysean suffered a nerve injury to his left arm and shoulder at birth resulting in Erbs Palsy (Brachial Plexus) 'An injury that weakens the muscles in the arm, and neck which effects the growth, mobility, and functionality of the arms and fingers'.

"I Suffered extensively through my childhood and teen years because I couldn't find a familiarity in my environment. Turning to fashion is where I developed my sense of identity and my purpose in life. I finally was able to find the confidence and create my own narrative and tell my story the way it should be. Mastering the skill of fashion design while only using one hand unlocked a new feeling of power inside of me, I realized I had turned a disability into a super ability."

Manikin established officially in 2014, specializes in creating high quality,  eye catching, glamourous, and detailed designs that lights up the red carpets, stages, and every scene for a fashionista. 

Qaysean and the Manikin brand received acknowledgement and cover stories from reputable media outlets such as The Council Of Fashion Designers Of America (CFDA), ABC7 ,Brut America , Trentonian.

By refusing to live up to the stereotypes of a person with a disability, Qaysean cultivated the Manikin brand along with his image to represent boldness, empowerement, and most importantly the appreciation of individuality through apparel accesories. 

"I will prove to myself and the world, that being norn differently does not have to be worn as a stigma and/or limit one's dreams of success but it can be a badge of honor to be different."

With this designer's unique prospective of fashion, Qaysean's mission is for Manikin to push the envelop bending the norms of fashion and keeping the inspiration of beauty and opulence alive.

Keep up with Qaysean:
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TikTok: @RealLifeManikin